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Children`s Hospital No.2 Received EEG Apparatus
Views: 345 | 31-03-2016 | Medical Project

Children`s Hospital No.2 Received EEG Apparatus Children`s city clinical hospital No. 2 is a longtime beneficiary of Saby Foundation. Since 2007 our Foundation has been helping the establishment a lot of times: we have repaired premises, equipped game and class rooms, purchased furniture and accessories as well as necessary medical devices.

Currently, the hospital is completely run by the state and well-equipped. But recently the apparatus for electroencephalographic examination (EEG) of functional status of central nervous system and muscular tone as well as for diagnostics of nervous diseases went wrong.

Purchase of equipment using the system of public procurement requires a protracted period of time and it may take about two months to supply the equipment. While there is an acute need for the apparatus. Hence, Saby Charitable Foundation within the Medical Project decided to present the computer complex Neuron Spectrum -4/ϔ and Neuron-Spectrum Video to CCCH No.2

The agreement with the supplying organization has been already sign what makes it possible to put the new EEG into operation in early summer.

Advice of Wise Elder Laozi
Views: 502 | 25-03-2016 | Wisdom of the Great

Advice of Wise Elder Laozi Laozi (Laozi, Old Child, Wise Elder) is a legendary philosopher-thinker who lived in the VI-Vth centuries B.C.E. He is considered to be the author of the Taote Ching (The Book of the Way and Its Virtue) - classic Taoist philosophical treatise, the founder of religious and philosophical Taoism, though today many scientists are skeptical about his historicity.

Laozi was a contemporary of Confucius and his opponent, and a very significant wise man of the Chinese culture as well. Although the historicity of Laozi is doubtful, the respect of Taoist schools for him cannot be overestimated.

Laozis sayings popular with Taoist schoolers:

About truth: "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know".

About knowledge: "No knowledge; thats why I do not know anything".

About abstinence: "This is the first stage of virtue which is the beginning of moral perfection".

Dear Kazakhstani,
Views: 336 | 18-03-2016 | news

Dear Kazakhstani,We congratulate you on Nauryz spring holiday!

Nauryz is usually celebrated noisily and cheerfully, with a lot of holiday events and meetings with loved people. People usually say good wishes to each other and forgive old offences.

We wish you good health, clear sky over head, good mood and success!

Always yours,
Saby Foundation

Alem Participant Graduated from prestigious Film Academy in the USA
Views: 357 | 16-03-2016 | Alem support of young talents

Alem Participant Graduated from prestigious Film Academy in the USA We have already written about our Alem participant who won in 2012 the first international educational grant for the Alem Young Talents Support Program of Saby Foundation, Medet Shayakhmetov.

So, having studied at New York Film Academy for 3 years and having completed the full course in the speciality of Film Making, Medet became a degreed graduate of the most prestigious film school in the world!

At the age of 22 a young filmmaker has great creative experience. He has worked with famous Kazakhstani actors, made Q-eli sitcom in his country, implemented a lot of projects with Russian stars, and participated in Sedona International Film Festival in the USA in the nominated category of The Best Short Film at the end of this February, and even though he did not get any prizes, he gained great experience and creative power.

We wish Medet progress in his career!

School Construction in Almaty. Stages
Views: 326 | 10-03-2016 | Orkendeu Project » The High-school for 1200 places at the Almaty cit

Currently all works of foundation installation have been completed, reinforcement and concrete procedures of underfloor walls and floor panels have been fulfilled on 60%.

During the construction of school for 1200 places in Almaty, built by Saby Foundation within the frameworks of the Orkendeu project, special attention was paid to the quality of concrete, in-situ concrete works are fulfilled under a strict control of field and engineering supervision as well as the Customers engineering service.


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