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For the Attention of Young Poets!
Views: 317 | 27-04-2016 | Alem support of young talents

The acceptance of applications for participation in the Sixth Poetical Contest in the State language announced by Saby Foundation is continued.

The grand prize is a notebook and the possibility to study free on a grant of the Alem Young Talents Support Program in one of the humanitarian universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Be quick to send your best poems to

Details are here.

We are 14 years!
Views: 732 | 22-04-2016 | news

Saby Charitable Foundation was registered on April 22, 2002 and started its activity. Today we turn 14!

Nearly 4 billion tenge were spent on realization of eight projects, which cover practically all socially significant spheres.

More information about our work, achievements and plans can be learnt from the report video, which we specially prepared for you, dear friends, partners and sponsors!

Sam Walton the King of Retail Sales
Views: 482 | 18-04-2016 | History of success

Sam Walton  the King of Retail Sales I have never been thoughtful and never lived in the past. On the contrary, incredible passion for fight has always been my distinctive quality. This feature supported me to keep my head above water, making me to live only in the future, in upcoming events.

Today it is hard to surprise anyone with abundance of goods in the supermarkets, different promo-actions, presentations and sell-outs all of this firmly established in our everyday life. However, not everybody knows that majority of things, which look so essential at large areas of city of abundance, was created and developed by Sam Walton.

Samuel Moore Walton (1918-1992) was born on 29 March 1918 in Kingfisher town, Oklahoma, in the family of farmers Tomas Gibson Walton and Nan Walton.

continued in russian

5 Years of QIWI Charitable Payments
Views: 484 | 13-04-2016 | Charitable Campaigns

5 Years of QIWI Charitable Payments Dear Friends,

Saby Charitable Foundation launched the receipt of charitable payments by QIWI payment terminals (at that time- OSMP) in April 2011. It became possible for the volunteers, who want to make donations to people in need, to do it quickly and effectively not wasting their personal time practically.

Notwithstanding that the amount of majority payments seemed to be small at first sight, the amount of your donations for the past 5 years constituted almost 1,000,000 tenge. This fact confirms our position again: each tenge is important, and together we are powerful!

Accumulating all received donations on a special account our Foundation could realize the great objectives:
- in 2013, a set for physiotherapy for children with neurological disorders and a set of manual masseur were purchased for the Infant Home of Kyzylorda city;

- in 2013, special stove for sterilization and disinfection of medical appliances and sterilizing drums were purchased for the Infant Home of Karakestek village of Almaty region;


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