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Sam Walton – the King of Retail Sales
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Sam Walton – the King of Retail Sales “I have never been thoughtful and never lived in the past. On the contrary, incredible passion for fight has always been my distinctive quality. This feature supported me to keep my head above water, making me to live only in the future, in upcoming events.”

Today it is hard to surprise anyone with abundance of goods in the supermarkets, different promo-actions, presentations and sell-outs – all of this firmly established in our everyday life. However, not everybody knows that majority of things, which look so essential at large areas of “city of abundance”, was created and developed by Sam Walton.

Samuel Moore Walton (1918-1992) was born on 29 March 1918 in Kingfisher town, Oklahoma, in the family of farmers Tomas Gibson Walton and Nan Walton.

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