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Street named after U. Zholdasbekov
Views: 428 | 25-05-2016 | The streets of southern capital

Street named after U. Zholdasbekov    Street named after U. Zholdasbekov, the length is less than 1 kilometer, is located to the north of Al-Farabi avenue between Dostyk avenue and Furmanov street.

Umirbek Arislanovich Dzholdasbekov (kaz. Joldasbekov) (1931-1999) - Doctor of engineering, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Academician of the Academy of Engineering of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honoured Scientist of the Kazakh SSR.

Academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov is the author of more than 400 scientific works, 8 monographs, more than 30 textbooks and teaching guides, has more than 120 copyright certificates and foreign patents. He made invaluable contribution to the 12-volume edition of the Kazakh Soviet Encyclopedia. He is the author of two Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionaries of mechanisms and machines, textbooks "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines" and "Theoretical Mechanics" in the Kazakh language.

Biography is presented in the Russian language

1 1931 . . 7 . 1949 . - . .. .

One more gift for Childrens Hospital
Views: 403 | 18-05-2016 | Medical Project

One more gift for Childrens Hospital Recently in the City Childrens Clinical Hospital No.2 a computer complex composed of Neyron-Spektr-4P and Neyron-Spektr Video devices for electroencephalography (EEG), which was purchased by our Foundation in the March of this year, has been installed.

The medical apparatus has been tested and already put into the day-to-day operation, servicing the little patients.

In addition to the medical equipment the healthcare center has received as a gift from Saby Foundation the bedding items in amount of h 240 blankets and the same number of pillows and 480 sets of bedclothes. Whereas the EEG-complex assists to hasten the recovery of children, the brand new bedclothes makes downhome their stay at the in-patient facility.

SMS Save Lives
Views: 422 | 11-05-2016 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

SMS Save Lives Unfortunately, there are many children in our country, who need medical treatment. We are happy to understand that the quantity of people, who ready to extend a helping hand, is not so small.

But in any society we can find swindlers, who use a human grief in mercantile purposes. You should know about it and be cautious, check information and provide charity support only through reliable foundations.

Since 2007 Present Life to Children SMS-campaign, launched by Saby Foundation jointly with Mercy Volunteer Society (MVS), manages the fund-raising for treatment abroad of children with health problems, which do not respond to treatment in Kazakhstan.

As of the end of April 2016, due to SMS 1, 984, 450, 781 tenge were collected. 1 406 children from all regions of our republic received necessary assistance, 1 955 surgical interventions were paid (some children were operated on several times).

To participate in the campaign it is necessary to send SMS with number 1 to short number 9099 and sum in the amount of 280 tenge will be withheld from your balance and will be transferred to a special account opened within the framework of the project. The service is available for subscribers of ACTIV, KCELL and BEELINE. The mobile network operators carry out 100% transfer of donations with no fee charged.

Victory Day!
Views: 391 | 06-05-2016 | news

Victory Day! Dear compatriots, we congratulate you with the Day of Great Victory!

We are endlessly grateful our veterans for courage, bravery and peaceful sky which they presented to us!
Let never forget the act of heroes bravery and esteem peace, friendship and serene future, for what they gave their lives!
We wish all people of Kazakhstan happiness, success and longevity, surrounded by relative and loved ones!

Saby Foundation


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