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Sports project of the Fund Saby again in Aktobe
Views: 339 | 27-07-2016 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Last year in Aktobe our Fund put into operation two sports facilities - a multipurpose sports field in Aktiubinskiy regional youth house and a children's playground in Special correctional school No 7. These objects have become a real present not only for the wards of these institutions, but also for children from other social organizations in the neighborhood, and for all the children living nearby.

Therefore address of the management of Aktiubinskiy regional special (correctional) boarding college for children with hearing disorders with a request to install the same playing field for their wards, to give them the opportunity to play in ones own backyard, but not to run into another school was not surprising for us.

The Fund Saby could not refuse such a request. And soon another play set with swings, roundabouts, seesaw, slides, climbing frames and exercise equipment to maintain physical fitness will appear in Aktobe.

School Construction in Almaty. Stages
Views: 409 | 20-07-2016 | Orkendeu Project » The High-school for 1200 places at the Almaty cit

School Construction in Almaty. Stages Construction works at the site of "Secondary school with 1,200 seats in Akzhar village of Nauryzbayskiy district of Almaty" are in progress.

Floor slabs are being reinforced and a formwork is set at the level + 9.8 m and 12.4 m in units 1, 6, 7, 8, 9. Cross beams are being cast in place at the level +3.2 m in units 2, 3. Brickwork of exterior walls with finishing works is carried out in units 4, 5. Concrete works at the zero circle are executed in unit 10.

Also, at the same time the installation of heating, plumbing, ventilation and sewerage systems is carried out.

See the construction process here.

The Youth Project - Unconditional Result
Views: 392 | 15-07-2016 | Youth Project

The Youth Project - Unconditional Result The Youth project of Saby Charitable Foundation, launched five years ago as a pilot project, has announced the results.

The boarding school leavers of Almaty city, for one reason or another not passed the selection to the state program of provision of housing for orphan children, were not left without a roof over their heads and thanks to Saby Foundation received their chance to acquire flats on preferable terms. In fact, the conditions of our project are more than available. The participants should have confirmed their university degree and labour experience not less than a year, as well as had excellent employment reference letters and letters of recommendation from social institutions, where they lived at that point in time.

Then the Foundation paid to the Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan the initial contribution in the amount of 50% from the cost of a flat in Almaty and the remaining sum was provided by the bank at a low rate 5.6%.

Therefore, all participants of the "Youth" project received their own housing. Most of them have already moved in and had housewarming parties, some participants expect to receive the keys from precious flats in the nearest time.

The President of Saby Foundation Has Been Awarded the Medal SAUAP
Views: 412 | 13-07-2016 | news

The President of Saby Foundation Has Been Awarded the Medal SAUAP In May 2016 the South-Kazakhstan Public Association of Disabled People ASAR launched the medal SAUAP awarded to charitable foundations, doctors of medicine, akims, deputies, executive groups, individuals and others, who render significant assistance and support disabled people.

The President of Saby Charitable Foundation Tasmagambetova Assel Imangaliyevna became the first laureate, who received the medal with decoration certificate number 000001 in recognition of the work of improvement of disabled peoples life.

For reference: Saby Foundation within the framework of the project Decent Life for Disabled People purchased 62 special Invataxi of Volkswagen car model and donated it to the societies of disabled people in 20 cities of Kazakhstan, including 2 cars donated to the South-Kazakhstan Public Association of Disabled People ASAR.

May Children be Healthy!
Views: 404 | 07-07-2016 | Medical Project

May Children be Healthy! A sad fact: there are still health care centers, which have a necessity in vital medical equipment for providing people with professional assistance.

Among them, the Akmola Regional Hospital No. 02, which treats about 200 000 patients coming from the seven regional districts annually. This organization provides children, inclusive of the newborns, who were born in the delivery department, with urgent and planned in-hospital medical aid. However, insufficient funding, which is carried out by the local budget, keeps from updating the material and technical resources of the hospital.

The Saby Foundation couldn`t but answer the authorities` appeal. Having conducted the necessary negotiations and conferences we bought some stationary ultrasonic diagnostics system of the premium class DC-7 Mindray with a multicolor Doppler and a 3D/4D capability. Also we have bought two humidifiers of breathing gas, which are designed for heating and humidification of gas supplying a patient during the process of lung ventilation.

The delivery of this equipment is expected to be in 2 months. It will be installed in the delivery department of the hospital.


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